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Casio Exilim EX-H50 Reviewed
As years and years have actually harmoniously passed by, the cameras, or more especially the “digital” cameras, have actually gone on to come to be slimmer and slimmer while their zooming power became more powerful than previously. And the international giant Casio continued the fashion by unveiling the Casio Exilim EX-450 didital camera at the Photokina 2016 camera trade show little over a while ago. Well, we won’t relate to the Casio Exilim EX-H50 as something as cutting edge as we would certainly of the Samsung Galaxy S camera, however it targets a slightly different market of people trying to find a camera. But then again it definitely is a development from the other high end cyber geeky cameras doing the rounds at present. Are you trying to find a new digital camera that’ll fit your demands and demands?

Design Outlook & User Functionality

As we stated earlier, the Casio Exilim EX-H50 is quite a slim digital camera, with its main body relatively feeling as if a bunch of cards have actually been piled together. Gloating an outstanding looking front panel, the camera would certainly bring in even the smallest of hearts around. The camera is not similar to previous cameras by Casio in that that it has case big buttons around the 3 inch screen on the rear end , which certainly as you would certainly recognize provide capacity to the individuals to take complete control over the camera’s image and video taking abilities . A dial built on the “roof” of the camera gives access to the many shooting modes. This compact design has a 3 inch LCS screen install which lets the individuals experience very first hand the pictures and videos taken. Weighing at a light 238g, it has measurements of 106.9 x68.6 x39 mm.

The user interface that the display had was really like many of the previous Casio cameras which is really user friendly. So routine Casio camera individuals can get on it straight away as well as the new individuals relatively would not take long to getting comfortable with the interface either.

The camera is expected to arrive in 3 colors — red, black and white, guaranteeing it pleases numerous individual tastes. All three colors didn’t do any damage to the camera’s stylish looks, however the red color added a classroom of its very own and personally we liked it the most!

 A compact design centering a 3 inch display, the camera possesses a 16.1 mega pixel camera sensor CCD kind. But the main feature in this reasonably modest specification slab is the 24x optimum zooming lens. It is one function that actually attracted attention and numerous purchasers would definitely grow fond of it. The optical zooming certainly would enlarge any camera shaking and disturbances while taking images however Casio counters it by its sensor shift stablizing choice. The 24x optimum zooming lens offers a focal array of 25mm to 600 mm, if we look it in an old 35mm camera terms, and a f/3 -6.9 aperture too. Casio’s new camera comes up with a Lithium Ion battery of style number NP-80 which, according to CIPA criteria, can take 145 shots which is not that extremely impressive we have to say. There is also High Definition video taping offered at 720 pixels in JPEG format, and that too does not set the world alight as every other camera now and then can catch up to 1080 pixels and that too in a better compression than JPEG itself.CCD Sensors usually do not produce fantastic image outcomes, however Casio’s Exilim EX-H50 we feel should produce much better outcomes, definitely by the looks and the noises that Casio have actually been making just recently, and wish it does!
 Pricing & Availibility

The camera was revealed at the just recently  held Photokina 2016 camera trade show and we question that the camera should take much time in getting released. And with the modest specification slab the camera is expected to be released around the $ 200 mark which we feel is just about light. The camera should be offered in 3 color pattern: Red, Black & White.


Good compact design, great (largely because of its optimum ultra zooming lens) to moderate specs and a smallish display of 3 inches, the Casio Exilim EX-H50 is not a high end camera and may not be capable to challenge the leading Panasonic and Sony cameras. But definitely great to go for those people who are young and in need of a camera that is not just individual friendly however also looks stylish and provides a more than respectable performance without breaking the bank!